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Of Peanuts and Monkeys

Today someone tweeted a link to an article posted back in April of 2007 that I think is definitely worth a link here.

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

And that is apparently a quote fromĀ  “Sir James Goldsmith, a European industrialist known for his flamboyant and outrageous reputation…”
The other posts from April are also quite interesting, so I guess I’ll be trolling that site for a while.

Social media blog.

I am currently studying social media marketing, a field about which I knew nothing as recently as September. Its an extremely popular topic and there are tons of blogs about it. Today I found this one and was interested enough to read most of the posts.

Too many of the blogs I’ve found so far assume you know too much, get too technical, or just plain use too much jargon.