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There are a lot of different ways to describe editing. I’m going to use the handy descriptions used by the Editorial Freelancer’s Association, of which I am a member.

  • Developmental editors develop a book or other project from the initial concept onward, working closely with the author or client to study competing works and create a product that stands out.
  • The terms substantive editors, content editors, and line editors are often used interchangeably for editors who make significant changes to a manuscript, such as rewriting and reorganizing the text.
  • Copy editors correct spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation, check cross-references, and prepare the style sheets that guide consistency and accuracy across the manuscript.
  •  Proofreaders check the text for errors, including typographical errors and problems with typesetting specifications and page makeup.

I’m a developmental and line editor. I want to get my hands in your story and help you make it the best it can possibly be. I’m going to point out inconsistencies, make sure the logic flows, and check your word choices. If you are just looking for someone to do a final grammar check, I’m not the proofreader you’re looking for. While I do check for grammar and punctuation while I edit, I often recommend that my authors use a proofreader after the substantive edits are complete. Once I’ve offered in depth suggestions about changes and re-writes, you’ll want someone with a fresh perspective to catch last minute errors.

My editing fees are between $12-$20 USD per 1000 words.

I’m happy to do a sample edit of up to 10 pages double spaced. This allows you to know if you like what I have to say, and it lets me know what level of editing your work will need.