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One of my favorite things to do is to curl up with a good fiction novel. On a grey, rainy day I want to fly my dragon, fall through a magical cupboard, or save the planet from aliens. Maybe all three.

That’s right, I’m a sci-fi/fantasy fan.

I want your story to be the best it can be, not just out of professional pride, but because I am your target market. I want to see how your world works, and who lives there. How does the science of your world affect the thoughts and actions of your characters? Cyborgs? Terraforming? Telepathic cats? I really want to know.

It’s a little embarrassing how excited I was to realize that my skills could help make the fiction I love so much be better. And I could read stuff before anyone else. A not-to-be-discounted advantage.

If you’re about ready to publish, or if you’re stuck and looking for feedback you can trust from someone who loves your genre as much as you do, I may be the editor you’re looking for. My editing rate for fiction is $12-$18 USD per 1000 words. I am happy to do a sample edit of up to 10 double spaced pages to see if we suit each other.

Look for me at Balticon this spring.