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What is ghostwriting? Quite simply, it is when someone with the writing gift helps someone who lacks the time, skill, and/or interest to write things they want written. Every Virtual Assistant who writes blogs for a business is a ghostwriter. Every Speech Writer for an important public figure is a ghostwriter. I take your ideas, write them out clearly in a way that will appeal to the your target audience, and then we put your name on it.

It’s a very busy field right now.

How often have you wished you had actually written all those articles that you have floating in your head? Do you often wish you had the time, or know-how, to write that book that will change the way people look at your professional field?

Maybe it’s time you find the right person to help.

I work with professionals to write the books and articles that support their credibility. I work with non-profits to highlight the issues that face the population they support and encourage others to become informed on those issues. I work with ordinary people who have an extraordinary experience to share.

For some clients, I work through interviews and assembling existing documents to tell a specific story. I enjoy independent research and am happy to go out seeking the information you may need to support your ideas. For others, I become a long term silent partner in their business, taking the initiative to find stories that fit or events that will inspire those you serve. And then there’s the client who lets me write children’s stories in a world she created. I like to write. You get to determine what. Everybody wins.

Let’s figure out what your story looks like.

How much?