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Should be a word that one doesn’t use in public.

Its a lot like drug use.

It causes a lot of wasted time, it can take a serious toll on your health, it wastes tons of money, and it lulls you into thinking things are fine when they are most definitely not.

Just say NO!

Right now I’m willing to guess that most of you are current procrastinating on dealing with all your end of year paperwork. Why is that.

Is the government going to magically decide that the paperwork is no longer required? Are you magically going to have ‘more time’  next month, or the month after?

Unlikely. In truth all procrastinating is going to do is waste your emotional energy pretending it isn’t hanging over your head like a cartoon piano just waiting to fall. Its going to require you to fit a months worth of taking your time and doing it right into 10 days of rushing, doing a half-a$$ed job and swearing. Its going to cause you to spend extra money as your accountant has to fix all the mistakes you made from rushing.

In a really special year you’ll misplace some piece of really critical documentation through leaving it on your desk ignoring it.

What, exactly does this gain you?