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Its been quite a while since I posted here. Why? Well, because I’ve been rethinking my business position.

What I was doing wasn’t making happy *or* rich, and that’s when its time to reevaluate your thinking. If you’re going to be self employed your work should be emotionally satisfying and keeping the bills paid. Otherwise you might as well take any other emotionally stultifying, financially unrewarding, stressful job out there and reduce the paperwork.

I don’t know about you, but that’s what I went into business for myself to get away from!

I like working for myself, so I took another look at what I’m good at and what the market really needs and I hope I’ve found the proper niche for me at this moment.

If we’re going to successful at this self employment thing I think the ability to regularly stop and reevaluate the business position is critical. Becoming too emotionally invested in the ‘shoulds’ can prevent you from properly connecting to the realities that are and shifting quickly when the need arises.

Now I’m off to my CMS website where I can adjust my content without needing my web  guy to work weekends.