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Sample Business Bio-AnnaMariah Nau

AnnaMariah is several kinds of artist. She creates one of a kind gemstone jewelry, and she’s also an author. One bio does not fit all circumstances. You need to have a bio that fits your business and your target market. Sometimes that means you need two different bios. Here are the bios I did for AnnaMariah for her very different business needs.

a writers bio:

Annamariah Nau loves a good story. She’s not a picky reader, but she’s always looking for stories that offer hope and truth and maybe just a touch of magic. With her participation in Inspired Voices, Annamariah offers her own story of vision and empowerment and her life changing experience. She says “sometimes all it takes to believe in yourself is to see that you aren’t the only one”. When she isn’t writing in the middle of the night in off the wall locations, Annamariah designs one of a kind jewelry for her company Bold Bodacious Jewelry. She has a wandering nature and has lived all over the US. She and her husband Dave are currently based in Virginia.

vs an artists bio:

AnnaMariah Nau creates beautiful, one of a kind pieces that transcend jewelry. As a gemstone empath she connects to the energy of the stones as well as their aesthetic beauty. In her hands a simple necklace becomes a tool to balance and support your energy, as well as making you look fantastic! She doesn’t concern herself with trends or fashions, only the beauty and magic inherent in the stones, so her pieces are always unexpected. When you find the piece that is right for you you’ll be amazed at the transformation as it connects with your energy and brings out your inner radiance in ways you hadn’t considered yet.

AnnaMaria is also an author of both fiction and non-fiction and regularly teaches classes on the history, symbolism, and energetic possibilities of gemstones.