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Who speaks for you?

Anyone else watching House of Cards? I’m not a big tv watcher, but the writing on this show is really compelling. Disturbing, but compelling.

I won’t give any spoilers for those who aren’t caught up, but in an episode that we watched last weekend Claire invited Tom, the book writer, to join her team  for speech writing.

I’m excited to see speech writers being given recognition on this show. Lots of people don’t really realize what an integral part of the team they are for any public figure. All those speeches are critically important and if you have to give the same message, yet say it a little differently each time, it helps to have a wordsmith on your team helping you get the spin right each time for each audience.

In this particular episode, Tom puts a little something extra into one of her speeches that she takes out. And yet a few scenes later Claire takes that basic idea and the framework that her writer set up for her and ran with it to a huge response. The job of a speech writer is to know your message maybe better than you do yourself, because while all your time is focused on creating the message and making it happen, we the writing staff can spend all our time figuring out how to frame and describe the causes and changes that you feel so powerfully about.

If you are incredibly passionate, but you feel that words fail you when you try to share that passion, talk to a writer. Work as a team.

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