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Sample Business Bio- Rochelle Forrest

Rochelle Forrest needed a new bio to promote herself for her new charitable foundation. It needed to encompass several professional aspects as well as share her enthusiasm and passion for philanthropy. To get to the heart of Rochelle and her business I talked to those most involved, not Rochelle, but her long time clients. (Are you ready to get your own bio that shines?)

With their enthusiastic input, here’s the new bio.

Wouldn’t you like to wake up each morning feeling as though it was Christmas? Rochelle Forrest of Create Health Naturally has that much joy and enthusiasm for life. Her mission is to teach you to find it too. She combines steps to maximize your physical health with heartfelt spiritual and emotional guidance to address the real issues behind the drains on your energy. With over 27 years as a registered nurse and her own personal journey to draw on, Rochelle makes a personal connection that few practitioners can match.


Part of the excitement of Christmas is the giving. Philanthropy, or what Rochelle likes to call “love in action”, is what drives Rochelle. She knows that when “Tummies, Minds, and Spirits” are fed, people, particularly children, become empowered. To this end she has created her foundation, TMS, which works to implement comprehensive, reproducible models of education and life skill training that communities can use to break the chain of poverty at the community level, focusing on children. Rochelle’s foundation is supported in part by her children’s book Shelly and the Circle of Light and the Shelly Shines online community which encourages philanthropy and community involvement for young people as a global initiative.