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Sample Business Bio – Delegate to Grow

I recently worked with Mary Sullivan of Delegate to Grow to revamp her business bio. She provided this copy she had written herself:

Delegate to Grow came from Mary’s past and her desire to help others. Mary has a BS in Engineering. Once she had a job utilizing her education, writing software, she realized that she needed more than interaction with a computer to keep her motivated. Soon she found her way into creating command reference manuals and training courses for technical software. This was a step in the right direction and soon she was working full time in the training department. Mary had found her passion: helping people and solving puzzles.


Once released from the corporate world, Mary found a more specific passion, helping entrepreneurs with the skills needed to grow their businesses. With her unique ability to see the details of a procedure and how the steps work together, she can create useful training or productivity improvements to support the growing business needs.

I find that often business owners miss their own most valuable and unique selling points. After interviewing some of Mary’s best referrers I was able to give her this:

Your employees can’t read your mind, but many people think Mary Sullivan can. Mary translates information into terms your employees can clearly understand. Mary’s experience in process development and training lets her get to the heart of what you need to grow your business. More than that, she excels at presenting your needs so that your employees buy into your goals and are motivated to make them happen. Sometimes they’ll even think it was their idea.


When you work with Mary Sullivan you don’t get fluffy ideas and concepts. You get step by step systems and scripts that you can implement immediately to increase sales. Follow up becomes routine instead of forgotten. Mary can even help companies hire the right people for their precise business needs.


Mary has a BS in Engineering. Although trained to write software, she quickly realized she wanted more direct human interaction. This led her into creating reference manuals and training courses until she was a full time trainer. Luckily for us she left the corporate world behind. Delegate to Grow lets Mary combine her training experience and her passion for puzzle solving. Now she guides entrepreneurs to make the most effective use of their staff so owners can focus on meeting their business goals.

With the insight from her existing referrers I was able to target her strongest selling points and appeal directly to her target market, the small but rapidly growing entrepreneur. The traditional credibility points are important, but first you need to engage the attention of your prospective clients.