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Introductions– Sometimes called your intro speech or your 30 second commercial, how you present yourself in the first few moments you meet someone is critical. I help professionals build introductions that are conversation starters.

Bios– Most professionals have a bio that they wrote at the last minute because they absolutely needed to have something. Is that really how you want to introduce yourself online? I use a unique system of interviews to learn who you truly are as a professional. Learn more!

Ghostwriting isn’t just for books. Blogs and articles are frequently written by ghostwriters, but you get the credit!  How often have you thought “I need to blog more often”, or even “that would be a great article”, but not gotten those blogs and article written? Maybe you don’t have to do it yourself. In Your Voice can work from interviews or even emails to get the articles out of your head and out into the world. Existing documents like journal articles can be repurposed so you make the best use of the content you already have. From business-based articles suitable for publication to weekly blogs, In Your Voice can create what you need. We call it ‘ghostwriting’ because at the end of the process, I fade away and the only name that goes out there is yours. Learn more!

Blogs– Social media is here to stay and if you have a professional message you need to keep it in front of your customers. Blogs are a great way to share the right combination of your personality and your expertise. In Your Voice makes sure that you always sound like you, even when it’s really ‘us’.
Speech Writing– Public speaking is just plain scary for many people. One excellent way to overcome those fears is with a well written piece that flows naturally and emphasizes what you know best. In Your Voice will work with you in developing the right phrasing and content to bring out your best presentation.