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So you want to write a book…

Coming soon-Book Building Basics- If you think starting your book is scary or overwhelming, this class is for you. In just a few lessons we’ll cover the basics of deciding your topic, refining your audience, and getting your ideas organized so you can finally tackled those books and articles without hesitation. Over the course of the class you’ll actually write your first article so you can put in practice the skills being discussed in class.

Coaching– You really want to write your book, but you’re finding it overwhelming or you’re just not sure where to start. I’ve put together a coaching program so you can get the friendly support you’re looking for as you build this new skill.

Editing– That manuscript you’re sitting on? It’s time to get it out there. Don’t know how to turn five years of journal articles into that book you’re dying to write? I do. In Your Voice provides developmental and collaborative editing for your completed or in process documents.

Project Management– Writing a book can be daunting. In Your Voice project management services will work with you to create an outline and schedule deadlines so you can feel more in control of your project and feel confident at an unfamiliar task.